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Truckers protests : 1-year jail. C$100,000 Fines. Emergency in Canada

Big Shock to Trucker protests.. 1-year jail. C$100,000 Fines .. Emergency in Canada.


Ontario has declared a state of emergency in response to two weeks truckers protest in Ottawa and the Ambassador Bridge, a vital US-Canada trade link

The state government has given the biggest shock to truck drivers. Truck drivers are tensed by government orders. if anyone failed to comply with this order carries a maximum of 1 year in prison. The police will arrest without any notice.

According to the government's new order, C$100,000 ($ 79,000; £ 58,000) will be fined and 1-year imprisonment to the truck driver. The government order created tension for the truck drivers.

Trucker protests started in Canada two weeks ago and it's created fire all over the country and US. truck drivers started the protest against the Covid-19 Vaccine mandate issue. The Canadian government has implemented a policy related to covid-19 vaccination.

Vaccinated people are only allowed in the country and restricted for others. This order was created a big issue in Canada and it affected transportation in the country.

Government order affected on transportation of goods from one location to another location. drivers not taken the covid-19 vaccine and refuse to take it in future also. protest spreads the whole country and blocked roads, highways.

Truck drivers have opposed the US vaccine policy in Canada and protested near the Ottawa and Windsor's Ambassador Bridge. The protests started two weeks ago and created a sensation in the world. truck drivers, students, women supported truck drivers and were participated in the protest.



 Protesters reached Canada's capital and covered key areas, including Canada's parliament, government offices, state highways, national highways, etc. Protested in many areas including provincial legislatures in Toronto and Quebec City, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has fear from the truck protesters and fled to another country. This made the situation in Canada even worse.

Day-by-day protests have increased in Canada. It created an emergency situation in the country. People are struggling to get the necessary things. No medicine, No food, No ration. Protesters also block trucks that are coming to Canada from outside. Hijacking trucks and Robed goods.


after monitoring the worst situation in the country the Government of Canada is now ordered an Emergency in the state. US authorities have urged Canada's government to use its federal powers to end the blockade

An emergency is declared in the Ontario area. The state government has warned protesters that they will send to jail if violate rules. and also warned that govt will cancel trade licenses and driving licenses.


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