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The mystery of lord Krishna in Dwaraka in KALIYUG


The mystery of dwaraka is that it is known as a holy place where lord krishna had taken his last breath. The reason is not known but it is believed that this happened because of the presence of a mysterious person called gopi nivas who saved the life of lord krishna.

The Lord Krishna had been defeated by the demon king Jarasandha. In order to defeat him, Krishna took a deep sleep. When he woke up, he killed Jarasandha with his bare hands. In order to defeat him, Krishna took a deep sleep. When he woke up, he killed Jarasandha with his bare hands. Krishna was also known as Vishnu and Balarama in this age, but in Kaliyug it will be known as Krishna alone

In the story of Dwaraka, Lord Krishna was playing with his friends on a swing. He was swinging high and wanted to reach the top. His friends were worried about him so they decided to push him in order not to hurt him. Then he pushed them also and they fell down.

After this incident, Krishna left Dwaraka and went away. Some people started looking for him but could not find him anywhere because he had gone to another place. Then one day, Lord Krishna's father Balarama came there and saw his son lying on the ground unconscious with mud on his face and all over the body including clothes and hair.

Balarama asked those who saw what happened what happened? They said, "We do not know anything about it." Then Balarama became angry with them because of their ignorance and said, "There are some people who will never tell the truth even if you torture them." In the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna is described as being a great magician who used his powers to create the universe. He could make things appear out of nothing and he could even make them disappear again.

The most famous example of this is when he created the whole world out of an egg that he broke on the head of a critic who had been insulted by him. This story has many different versions. In one version, he creates a hill made entirely out of sugarcane in order to trick a demon who had insulted him earlier in life. In another version, he creates an entire mountain range made entirely out of cotton-candy so that he can have fun with his friends.

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