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UNTOLD STORY : Why is India's Karnataka state burning in the Hijab controversy..? How were six Islamic students planned...? Shocking story

Why is India's Karnataka state burning in the Hijab controversy..? How were six Islamic students planned..? Shocking story

India is burning for a week. Muslims hijab and Hindus saffron towel started the controversy in India's Karnataka state. How it was started..? who is behind the protest..? how did six Islamic students plan it..?

There are more than 198 countries in the world. The Muslim community has grown in many countries including Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan.

The Hindu community is the major community in India. The second-largest community is Muslim. There is a number of Muslims in India and this community is growing in numbers.

India is a secular country and has so many religions like Hindu, Muslim, Jain's, Buddhists, Sikhs, Parses, etc. But communal riots were triggered in India except for the Godhra massacre in 2002. But now India is burning in the name of Muslim women’s Hijab.

Now world discussing the India's Hijab controversy. Which triggered communal violence in Karnataka.

A few days back six Muslim students came to college wearing hijabs but the college administrative team was restricted. Muslim students strat protest about hijab restriction in the college. After this many Islamic organizations gave back-end support to six students and protest spreads all over the state of Karnataka.

The hijab controversy started in just one college in Karnataka and then it spreads all over the state. Not only in the Karnataka hijab controversy spreads throughout India.

The Hijab controversy first began in the Udupi district in Karnataka, India. Udupi Government PU College, Muslim students came to college with hijab, and this created controversy. Whenever this hijab created controversy in Karnataka, Hindu students start saffron towel protests in the state.

If the Muslim students wear the hijab, as the Hindus we wear saffron shawls. If Muslim women did not stop wearing hijab in colleges, we won't stop saffron shawls protests – A Hindu student said to A FOX TV.

The hijab and saffron bust, which began in the Udupi district, has made headlines not only in India but around the world. Large-scale trending was created on Google.

Karnataka's  Udupi, Karwar, Raichur, Bagalkot districts are burning in the name of hijab and saffron protest. Some students started stone pleating in protest and a few students were hit with a stone. Police tried to stop the protest but failed to control the situation.

The Hijab controversy has reached the Karnataka High Court and the judge hears the arguments from both. But still, the Hijab controversy did not end. students did not stop the protest.

Muslims in India have a lot of freedoms compared to many other countries in the world. Such freedoms do not exist in Muslim majority countries.

Afghanistan is a Muslim country. There is the Taliban government. But women's liberties have been snatched away. Education is restricted to women. A woman is imprisoned within the hijab and the burka. It also bans women from working in private institutions. If women did not cover their faces, they will punish AS PER Sharia law.

Pakistan is also a Muslim majority country. There is a democracy. But it was ruled by the Pakistan army. Women are restricted in Pakistan. Middle and lower-class Muslim women will get punished if they do not practice Islam and do not cover their face or now wearing burka. If any woman looks at other men it is punishable.

There are many restrictions on women in many Muslim majority countries, including Saudi Arabia, the United Emirates, Bangladesh, Iran, and Iraq. In India, women have many freedoms.

Muslim countries are restricted Muslim women. But in India, Muslims have many freedoms. still, Muslim students have started fighting in the name of the hijab and have created controversy in a peaceful country.

In Bangladesh wearing a burka is a ban. In SriLanka, Muslims should not wear a burka and hijab. China also restricted Muslim women. Muslim women should not wear burka and hijab. Many restrictions have been imposed on Muslim women around the world. But in India, they have equal rights.

India is a secular country and has given equal rights to Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Jain, and all. But still, Muslim students created controversy in the name of the hijab. India's Karnataka state is burning from communal controversy. what is behind the conspiracy of this hijab issue..? who are silently involved in it and disturbed communal sentiments..? it should be found out. Otherwise, these type of communal riots triggers in the future as well.

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