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Violence Erupts: 6 Cops Injured in Clash During Muharram Procession in Outer Delhi"

 Violence Erupts: 6 Cops Injured in Clash During Muharram Procession in Outer Delhi"

In a shocking turn of events during a Muharram procession in Outer Delhi's Nangloi, six police personnel and as many volunteers, including five women, sustained minor injuries. The incident took place on Saturday evening, and several police vehicles, along with private buses and cars, were also damaged after being pelted with stones.

According to DCP Harendra Kumar Singh, around 2,000 people were part of the Tazia procession, and adequate police forces were deployed in the area. However, the situation turned unruly when a few miscreants deviated from the pre-decided route and instigated violence, leading to the police taking mild forceful measures to disperse the crowd and restore order.

While efforts were made to ensure the safety of passers-by on the main Rohtak road, an FIR has been lodged, and suspects are being detained based on the rioting and obstruction of public servants' discharge of their duties. The authorities are diligently scanning CCTV footage to identify other individuals involved in the violence.

Despite the unfortunate clash, DCP Singh affirmed that the subsequent Tazia processions were conducted peacefully, adhering to customs and religious practices. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for careful planning and cooperation during such gatherings to avoid unnecessary confrontations and maintain public safety.

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