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Do you know what Terrorist did before Sri Lanka bomb blast?

Terrorist bomb blast in Sri Lanka created very big fear all over the world.On 21 April 2019 eight bomb blasted at Sri Lanka Church and hotels

Sunday on ester day three bombs blasted at three churches and three bombs blasted at three hotels. Sanagreela Hotel completely covered with humans blood. And the hole church also turned red. Even Jesus statue also turned red after bomb blast.

After 10 years Sri Lanka faced very big attack. And this attack conducted by ISIS terrorist who is very big threat to the world.

Eight terrorist planned very well and entered to Sri Lanka. Eight terrorist entered to Sri Lanka with eight fully loaded bombs bags. Before they enter to Sri Lanka, taken pledges to kill minimum 1000 peoples.

Eight terrorist take pledges on the name of Abu baker al Baghdadi who is the leader of ISIS in Syria and taken bomb bags and enter to the Sri Lanka. After arriving to Sri Lanka terrorist went to different places and start attack.


  Eight bombs were blasted at first day Sunday. And Monday 87 live bombs were found. Security persons tried to disconnect the bombs. But one bomb blast on that time and that blast caught on live video.

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